Gatorshield Tubing

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What is Gatorshield®?

Gatorshield is our patented triple layer Flo-Coat® rust and corrosion resistant product protection that has demonstrated to be the best over the long haul versus all competitive product offerings.

When rust and corrosion protection is needed - Gatorshield is "Gator Tough". In addition, our zinc interior coating provides the inside of the tube with maximum corrosion and rust protection. Inside and out - Gatorshield is the best - and has been the best product choice for over 30 years.

How Does Gatorshield Perform vs. Schedule 40 Pipe?

Allied's 50/55® significantly outperforms galvanized Schedule 40 pipe, gauge for gauge, in every way and weighs at least 31% less (OD/OD) in popular pipe sizes. Allied guarantees minimum yield strength of 50,000 psi / 55,000 psi tensile strength (fracture point).

Yet test results show that Allied's 50/55® with Gatorshield® yield point was 17% greater than the guaranteed minimum. The galvanized Schedule 40 pipe, however, fractured at 56,200 psi pulling force.

How does Gatorshield compare with the competition in terms of rust and corrosion protection?

OD and ID corrosion resistance is monitored on an ongoing basis using salt spray testing. Random samples are prepared and exposed to 5% salt fog at 95F. These samples are examined at regular intervals until a pre-determined end point is reached. Typical end points are the first signs of white rust and first signs of red rust.

What About the Gatorshield Steel Tube Product as it Relates to ASTM Standards?

  • Base Metal: The steel strip used in the manufacture of Mechanical tube shall conform to ASTM A-569 for 1008-1010 Carbon Steels. For 1015 through 1022 Carbon Steel the steel strip shall conform to ASTM A-568.
  • Zinc: The zinc spelter used in the manufacture of Allied's Mechanical tube conforms to ASTM B-6 High Grade and Special High Grade Zinc.
  • Chemical Composition: In accordance with ASTM A-500.
  • Materials Testing: In accordance with ASTM-500 and ASTM E-8.